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Landscape Pruning Services

Hedge pruning or hedge trimming and shrub pruning are key to maintaining a beautiful property. It is best to employ an arborist. However, usually a landscape person performs these services due to cost. For larger hedges and shrubs, an arborist should be employed. Royal Wood Tree Service provides arborist hedge pruning (hedge trimming) and shrub pruning. Unless hedges or shrubs are pruned on a regular basis (minimum annually), they will become larger

Hedge trimming 2

until they’re overgrown or they become trees. Proper pruning maintains their size (including roots) and beauty, while also enhancing your property’s value. In addition to our tree pruning services, Royal Wood Tree Service specializes in landscape services by focusing on medium to large sized hedges and shrubs, including the following:

  • Hedge Pruning or Shrub Pruning – routine maintenance of hedges and shrubs

  • Hedge Reduction or Shrub Reduction – for restoration of overgrown hedges/shrubs when appropriate (e.g. wide cedar hedges cannot be reduced in width)
  • Hedge Removal or Shrub Removal – best solution when your hedges/shrubs are unsuitable or significantly overgrown


Civic By-laws – Know When Permits or Restrictions May Apply in Your Area

Please be advised that certain permits or restrictions may apply to reduce or remove large hedges in your area. You can find basic requirements listed below for our core service area. Please note that DBH = diameter at breast height.


Service Area

Delta (Tsawwassen, Ladner and North Delta):

Removal Permit Required

if combined DBH > 20cm

Pruning Restrictions

if cuts > 7cm (permit)


South Surrey:

Removal Permit Required

if DBH > 30cm

Pruning Restrictions

no topping (unless prior topped)



Removal Permit Required

if DBH > 20cm

Pruning Restrictions

no topping of protected trees



Removal Permit Required

if DBH > 20cm

Pruning Restrictions

no restrictions


When to Prune (Some Basic Guidelines)

Because knowing when to prune is essential depending upon what your desired results are, Royal Wood Tree Service typically recommends you follow these basic pruning guidelines:

  • To enhance growth, prune in the early spring

  • To limit growth, prune in the early fall
  • To maintain flowers, prune after flowering


Why Choose Royal Wood Tree Service for Your Hedge Pruning & Shrub Pruning?

Here are but a few reasons you should choose Royal Wood Tree Service:

  • We have an elevator bucket truck for large front-yard hedges.

  • We’re the chosen provider for thousands of residential property owners, property management companies and maintenance landscape companies.

  • We have high-capacity chippers for removal or reduction of large hedges and shrubs.

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