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Consider Royal Wood Tree Service for Your Tree Removal Needs

Sometimes Tree Removal Is Necessary

Trees play a significant role in our environment and provide social impact through their beauty and their added economic value to your property. However, trees decline and sometimes require the tree removal services of Royal Wood Tree Service. Some trees are improperly maintained or are unsuitable and may need to be removed for safety reasons. However, many civic governments have made tree preservation a civic goal through tree bylaws and tree-cutting permits. For this reason, it’s important that you understand the requirements in your specific area. In the communities of Delta (Tsawwassen, Ladner, North Delta), and in the communities of Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond, Royal Wood Tree Service regularly provides tree removal services and assists our customers in understanding the tree removal bylaw and obtaining a tree removal or tree-cutting permit.


Get a Free Tree Removal Assessment & Quote

Royal Wood Tree Service offers free 'arborist' tree assessments to assist you in your property tree maintenance. Tree removal is a last resort decision. There are other options such as tree pruning and tree cabling. We also provide assistance in acquiring civic permits, acting on your behalf. When you entrust our company with your tree removal, you can expect us to remove it in a safe, efficient manner. We also provide optional wood removal services and tree stump removal services. Here are some more reasons why you should consider us for your tree removal needs:

  • We’re professionally experienced/trained with an excellent safety record.
  • We offer efficient service and competitive rates.
  • We have high-capacity chippers and an elevator bucket truck (80ft).
  • We’re an owner-operated, small, growing business. We are motivated to earn your business to promote our business.


Does Tree Removal Require a Permit?

Trees designated as "protected" under civic tree bylaw protection require a permit to be removed. They have a tree diameter at breast height (DBH) greater than or equal to a specified minimum. The basic tree removal bylaws for removing only one tree in our core service areas are summarized below:


Basic Tree Bylaw Summary Table – Core Service Areas

Delta (Tsawwassen, Ladner, North Delta)

  • Protected DBH: 20 cm -measured at 1.4m above ground.
  • Permit Application and Fee required. No fee if Tree is Dead.
  • No Arborist Report – if no protected tree removed in the last 24 months.
  • No Civic Arborist Approval – if no protected tree removed in the last 24 months.
  • Replacement tree(s) – waived if no protected tree removed in the last 24 months.
  • If tree DBH is 60 cm or greater, one replacement tree is required.
  • For hedging trees with DBH 20cm or greater every lineal 5m is considered as 1 tree.
  • In addition, one Alder, Popular, or Cottonwood tree can now be removed every 24 months.


Surrey –

  • Protected DBH: 30 cm
  • Permit Application and Fee required. Valid arboricultural reason required.
  • No Fee if Tree is Dead.
  • No Arborist report but Civic Arborist Approval required.
  • Replacement tree(s) required. Waived for dead tree.


Richmond –

  • Protected DBH: 20 cm
  • Permit Application required. Valid Arboricultural reason required.
  • The permit application fee is $62 for the first tree and $75 per tree for additional trees.
  • Fee is waived if tree is hazardous.
  • No Arborist Report but Civic Arborist Approval required.
  • Replacement tree – Waived if no protected tree removed in the last 12 months or
  • if tree is Dead or Hazardous.


Vancouver –

  • Protected DBH: 20 cm
  • Permit Application and Fee required. Valid Arboricultual reason required.
  • Arborist report and Civic Arborist Approval required.
  • Replacement tree(s) required.


Outside Our Core Service Area

Below is a link to the Tree Cutting/Tree Removal Bylaw Summary for all Greater Vancouver communities:


Great Vancouver Bylaw Summary Table



If you recognize any of the below in one of your trees, call Royal Wood Tree Service for our ISA-Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor for a Free Tree Assessment.

  • Hazardous trees – trees that are likely to fall with consequences
  • Unsuitable trees – recognizable by overcrowding or aggressive roots
  • Trees that are too close to your foundation or structure


How to Recognize if You Have a Hazardous Tree

The following are major signs to look for to recognize if you have a hazardous tree:

  • Significant rot or large cavities in trunk or at large branches
  • Significant health decline (dieback in limbs) or dead
  • Mushrooms or conks and/or infestation of ants
  • Large woodpecker holes
  • Major cracks or splits in trunk or large limbs
  • Buried root crown (soil above first roots - change of soil grade around tree base - absence of trunk flare)
  • Excavation of roots
  • Strong lean of trunk
  • Large multiple tops
  • Unsuitable tree ( high branch failure ) for Urban Area: Aspen or Cotton Wood or Poplar Trees
  • Tree covered in Ivy


*See Photo Gallery opposite for illustration of Hazardous trees


If you recognize any of the above in one of your trees, call Royal Wood Tree Service to get a free tree assessment from our ISA-Certified Arborist.

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