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Explore Royal Wood Tree Service’s Tree Stump Removal Services

Expert Tree Stump Removal Services

In the urban landscape, stumps are generally not desired in the lawn or garden areas. Normally, they are considered unattractive, prone to infestation or sprouts, and may be a hazard (e.g. for the lawn mower). At Royal Wood Tree Service, we provide tree stump grinding and tree stump removal services for all your needs, including:

Stump grinding 4
  • Basic stump-grind – the root collar is ground 8” below grade for grass health

  • Stump removal – the root collar is totally ground for installing a replacement tree in the same location or for construction purposes

  • Additional root removal – in addition to the root collar, the lateral roots protruding away from the collar are ground (required for surface roots or for construction purposes)

  • Hedge stump removal – root collars of all hedging are totally removed


Things to Take into Consideration:

  • Services near the stumps need to be identified (telephone, cable, hydro and gas lines, sprinklers, and garden lighting)

  • Large rocks or obstacles near the stump need to be identified or removed

  • Stumps located in gravel require rocks to be pulled back from the stump

  • Removal of tree stump chips is optionally available

  • Top dressing with soil is optionally available


Why You Should Choose Royal Wood Tree Service

There are many reasons why you should feel confident hiring Royal Wood Tree Service for all your stump-grinding and removal needs, including:

  • Safety comes first at Royal Wood Tree Service. We use cautionary plywood barriers for protecting against flying chips and rocks. We’re also fully insured with WCB and liability insurance.

  • When access is tight (28 in.) or upstairs, we use our small walk-behind stump grinder.
  • When access permits (36 in.), we us our new diesel 4x4 stump grinder to provide efficiency and lower cost for larger and for multiple stumps.
  • We utilize an aggressive grinding system suited for rocky soils, plus we have an efficient setup with fast walk- behind operations to ensure quality work every time.
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